One of my first contributions for G Adventures was a series of illustrations. These were created to tell stories of travellers and tour guides who came from different wakes of life, and joined together to work for a great company.

  • I kept working and dreaming - Until I landed a job at G Adventures

    "I never got to go to school, so I learned from the school of life. I worked as a street vendor where I improved my English by listening to tourist's stories. I dreamed of travelling abroad and was willing to make it happen. I saved every penny I had and by the time I was nineteen, I had enough for a trip. I really wanted to visit Europe, but my visa application was denied because I was too poor." - Rodolfo C, G Adventures CEO (Guide)

  • Laughing until out sides hurt, was the best part of all

    "As much as I fell in love with the magic and the beauty of Peru and it's people, the opportunity to travel with such a wonderful group, dine together each evening, and laugh until out sides hurt was the best part of all. My co-passengers have turned into lifelong friends. The only negative part about the tour was having to say goodbye at the end!" - Jane V.C., Traveller

  • They had made peace with the devastation of their past

    "In South Africa, I had the opportunity to commemorate the people who struggled through the violence of the Soweto Uprising - the spark that led, eventually, to the end of white minority rule. I had the privilege of meeting people who had lost their homes and their loved ones. What was so incredible to me was that these people had made peace with the devastation of their past circumstances." - Miguel R, Traveller

  • Face-to-face with wild sea lions

    "I've dreamed of visiting the Galapagos Islands since I was 12 years old so this was the trip of a lifetime. To see turtles and sea lions frolic on television is one thing, but to see them in real life, to swim beside them or to walk mere meters away from these living beings, is just out of this world." - Mary C, Traveller

  • I'd pack a suitcase, walk down the street and pretend to be on holiday

    "I was born to explore. As a child, I couldn't be bothered by tea parties. Not me. Instead, I'd pack a suitcase, walk down the street, and pretend to be on holiday! Accents, cultures, and all things foreign have always fascinated me. Collecting stamps in my passport became my unofficial degree in attempting to get the travel experience I needed to make this dream a reality." - Tenille H, Road Warrior

  • It was the most moving experience I have ever had while travelling

    "Watching a turtle nest in Costa Rica on my G Adventures trip has forever changed me. It was the most moving experience I have ever had while travelling. Now I plan to return to the Tortuguero area and volunteer for a turtle monitoring and conservation program." - L.S., Traveller

  • To make it to Peru I had to cut corners at home - like the heat

    "What captured my soul, and inspired me to give back to this community, was a barefoot and tired mother desperately selling little wooden owls to feed her children - children who, when I handed them a notebook and pens, didn't know what to do with them." - Michelle B, Traveller